Message From Tom

A Message From Tom

Thank you for your support in the last election. It is an honour to serve the residents of Newmarket as your Deputy Mayor and Regional Councillor.

During my term, Newmarket Council moved forward on some important initiatives, such as creating new affordable housing options and the opening of an accessible splash pad. Throughout the pandemic, both Newmarket and York Region Councils swiftly implemented innovative ways to deliver the vital work we are entrusted to do and provided support to both residents and local businesses through essential financial relief programs. Furthermore, we delivered on our commitment to limit tax increases to less than 2%, despite the significant impact inflation had on the budget.

There are many council initiatives in progress, including the Mulock Park development, the transformation of Main Street’s Clock Tower building into a boutique hotel, and a new multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists spanning Newmarket from east to west.

During the next four years, my priority will be to continue working closely with Council members to accelerate a full pandemic recovery and ensure that Newmarket remains a vibrant, safe, and prosperous community for all residents and local businesses. I continue to support responsible growth and delivering high-quality municipal services in a fiscally responsible manner.

On October 24, I look forward to your support and vote again. Together, we will ensure Newmarket remains one of the best places in Canada to live, work and raise our families.

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